Molėtai Education Assistance Authority - budget institution.

Centre founder - Molėtai Municipal Council.

The Authority was established on 1st of September, 2018.



P. Cvirkos Str. 1, LT-33140 Molėtai

Phone +370 (383) 51 892, +370 (679) 86 986





- School leaders, managers, teachers, pre-school teachers, educators and other adults' non-formal education and training.

- Coordination of non-formal adult education.

- Organizing seminars, conferences, lectures, workshops, consultations, courses, discussions, exhibitions, etc.

- Dissemination of good teaching experience and information.

- University of Third Age activities.

- Projects activities.

- Organization of district students' self-government.

- Organization of regional events for students.

- Guidance and information for young people about volunteering and mobility.

- Helping pupils, schools, teachers.

- Helping teachers who work with special needs students: to provide information, consultation and recomendations.